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Individuals and entities determine their own future; DVG aids them on the journey by realizing their potential to the fullest and ensuring that they are not alone on their journey in discovering who they are and who they can transform into.


DVG’s two pioneer Neuroeducation curricula involves clay and the stage.

Creating pottery is a hands-on experience that engages emotions and stimulates creative expression. This is the idea behind NeuroCeramics™ where we use pottery as a platform to engage children. Our curriculum exposes children to multiple concepts and to enhance their tactile cognition. Furthermore, the ceramic products created in our sessions serve as trigger points for children to remember the concepts introduced.






In the same way, NeuroTheatre™ uses acting as an art form to engage multiple senses. We developed this curriculum based on process drama. This is a method of teaching and learning drama where both the student and teacher are working in and out of role. We introduce various concepts to children through our carefully crafted drama scenarios and enable them to proactively challenge their thinking and express the concepts.​


Highest tactile cognition factor

Object permanence


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