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DVG now runs a team of minds from different fields and backgrounds. We value and support ideas, businesses, and products that empower individuals to be extraordinary and impact the world we live in. 

Saravanan Manorkorum ​

Amutha Saravanan

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer

Saravanan co-founded Da Vinci Group Singapore in 2012 and is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He did his Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore with a focus in Neurobiology. Saravanan also gained extensive research experience in...

Amutha co-founded Da Vinci Group Singapore in 2012 and is the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Prior to this, she founded Amooo’s – an original in early 2012, which focuses on creating ceramic wares that crystallize beautiful memories in a tangible form for a wide range of audiences...

Jessica Wang Yiming

Chief Innovation and Branding Officer

As Chief Innovation and Branding Officer, she enjoys giving weird ideas and making sure they

work. All about that connection. She adores freedom of artistic expression...

Regine Lim

Logistics and Operations Manager

Regine is a Sociology student who has learned a lot of social theories and social criticisms. Therefore, she has a great interest in social transformation...

Chashna Kumar

Senior Trainer and

Curriculum Developer

A recent graduate in English Literature from Nanyang Technological University, it was by chance that Chashna found herself working with children at a part time job in 2012...   



Amutha Manorkorum

Yasodha Meyyappan

Da Vinci Group's Foundation Team

The DVG Foundation Team is the heart of everthing we do. They ensure that your beautiful masterpieces reach you in excellent form - glazed, fired, labelled and packaged...

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