Through clay pottery as our foundational platform, we provide the neuroscience-based NeuroCeramicsTM curriculum for our four pillars: children, youth, corporations, and the elderly. Our ultimate goal is to expand to different educational platforms (such as theatre, music, and digital media) in order to break new grounds in the way individuals emote, innovate, and create.


Access powerful trainings for extraordinary living, featuring the leading educators in

neuroscience, mind, art, and creativity.


DVG provides the kind of knowledge that schools don’t teach you. Moving beyond career-oriented education and rote learning, our programmes and courses help enhance and grow your mind, body, and spirit. In doing so, we empower you to create and live a life that is extraordinary in all dimensions of being human.

Our four pillars (Children, Youth, Corporates, and Elderly) exist in tandem with Neuroeducation. Each pillar establishes a relationship which is different and unique in its own way to cater to individual needs and contexts.

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