The Science of Focus System is a cutting-edge programme designed with the intent of creating a culture of focus in your home environment.


The world has been capitalising on distractions; it is now time to hone our focus. Focus creates 'flow', peak performances, self-awareness and a foundation for a successful life. Focus is not a transient mental ability; there are components pertaining to focus that can be controlled, tweaked and enhanced to cultivate and strengthen it.


The Science of Focus System is a culmination of 8 years of data, scientific evidence and programme designs packaged into 1 solid system to support parents in boosting their child's focus right at home.


Parents want their child to improve in their academics and other aspects of life. The only way to accomplish that is to increase their focus. Focus is not an intangible concept. Focus starts at home. Our neuroscience-driven, evidence-based system will let you translate our content into actions, actions into habits and the habits into a culture of focus.


Come onboard this revolutionising programme to experience a clarity of mind that will enable success!


What you get in the system:

- Daily activities, prompts and guides for 12 weeks delivered to your email inbox that are categorised according to the week. The hands-on kit, that is, the PlayBox™ will be delivered to your home ahead of when you start the programme.


1. Mondays - A themed activity with the PlayBox™ (a variation of the KlayKit®). 3 PlayBoxes™ with 4 activities for the month will be delivered to you ahead of time before you embark on the programme. Each activity comes with a digital video guide.


2. Tuesdays - Psychometric assessment (Part 1) and templates for observations on sensorial learning strategies your child uses


3. Wednesdays - Expert video session on aspects of learning and focus


4. Thursdays - DVG expert session on various aspects of distinguishing between focus and distraction (live Q&A opportunity)


5. Friday - Themed NeuroJazz™ / NeuroTheatre™ (will alternate between weeks) activity to extend the week's learning in a different modality from Monday


6. Saturday - Augmented Reality (AR) component to further extend the themed learning for the week in yet another sensorial modality 


7. Sunday - Psychometric assessment (Part 2) in-built with quick reflections for the week (Opportunity to document and share observations with our online community)


Please note that all materials will be emailed to you including zoom links for expert sessions that are live unless otherwise stated. 


With this set-up to support you, you will be well on your way to develop focus as a culture in your household for your children and building a solid foundation for their life success!

The Science of Focus System: 12-week Programme

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