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Introducing our New Science of Focus System


5-Day Challenge

Focus is a culture and it starts at home.

Have you ever noticed how distracted your child is? Ever wondered why they are unable to focus for more than 10 minutes?

Join our Science of Focus 5-Day Challenge and learn about The Science of Focus System that can set your child up for success in life using FOCUS as a bedrock.

We give you a step-by-step, evidence-based guide with 5 FOCUS increasing methods and 9 strategies steeped in neuroscience to improve your child’s learning abilities.


The greater your child’s focus is, the better their academic performance and holistic development can be.


Through this journey, you will experience having full control in your child’s environment and be ultimately supported in being able to build your child’s focus so that they can perform better in school and be a high-achieving all-rounded individual.

Da vinci education

Our highly acclaimed NeuroCeramics® and NeuroTheatre® programmes stem from the principles of Neuroeducation, and we fuse exciting curriculum with mediums where the focus is not just on learning but the growth of a person as a whole.



We help you maintain a competitive edge in human capital with our science-based professional development programme built on transforming the way you think. 

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